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Discover a life that you love.

Join my 6-month group coaching program to create a life built on joy, self-compassion, and community.

The world expects veterinarians to give at the expense of their own care.

If that’s you, you may have entered your field with hope, only to be burned out within months or years.

It’s no wonder that so many veterinarians feel drained and are left asking “is this all there is?” In an industry rooted in toxic masculinity and unrealistic expectations, compounded by unique challenges in vet medicine, contribute to experiencing alarming rates of depression, anxiety, attrition, burnout, and suicide.

here’s the good news:

It’s possible to give your patients your best without abandoning yourself. I’ll show you how.

Living A Life You Love is a 6-month group coaching program that teaches veterinarians how to break free from overwhelm and create a life of joy.

Made for the unique challenges faced by female veterinarians.

Unlike most coaching programs, Living a Life You Love is created specifically for female and female-identifying veterinarians who crave more joy in and out of vet med. From my 25+ years of experience in veterinary medicine, I’ve created a safe space where veterinarians can connect, experience genuine support and empathy, and learn cognitive tools to overcome patterns of self-sabotage, compassion fatigue, and burnout.

An invitation to do less, not more.

You already have many responsibilities as a woman and a veterinarian. This program is different.

There are NO expectations. Come live to the calls or just watch the replays, study the on-demand materials or don't. It's 100% up to you to engage however works best for you and your life.

Hi! I’m Julie. I used to work with animals, and now I work with people.

I’m a Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist and Certified Life Coach with a BA in Zoology and over 25 years of experience in veterinary medicine with industry-leading organizations. In my roles as a veterinary assistant, hospital administrator, and veterinary sales and training professional, I saw firsthand the devastating impact of compassion fatigue and a life that lacks boundaries. Now, I use my education, training and lived experience to teach my clients how to thrive in this industry and create well-rounded and joyful lives.

Living A Life You Love is perfect for Women Veterinarians who are also:

Introverts and Extroverts
Rebels (even the quiet ones)

What’s included:

2x Monthly 60-minute live group coaching sessions

1x Monthly 60-minute Heartspace session

Cognitive-based tools and techniques

A library of on-demand trainings for personal development

Online sisterhood with other veterinarians like you

24/7 access to Julie for coaching and support (minus the time she’s sleeping! #boundaries)

What We’ll Dive Into

Vet med is a big part of your identity, but it’s not all of you. Living a Life You Love rebuilds your life in and outside of your work.  Here are some of the topics we’ll explore.



Imposter Syndrome

Invisible Workload for Women

Socialization of Women

Isolation vs. Community

Mindfulness and Thought Reframing


Body Image

Compassion fatigue and burnout

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how it works

Apply to Join

Complete my short and simple online application to ensure that this is the best program for you.

Choose a Payment Plan

Once you’re accepted into the program, you’ll receive an email invitation to set up your preferred payment plan.

Meet Regularly

Join me and the Living a Live You Love community for 6 soul-nourishing months.

Discover a More Satisfying Life

Integrate the lessons you’ve learned and relationships you’ve built into your day-to-day life for deep transformation.

What You’ll Learn:

Inside the 6-month coaching program, you’ll learn how to:

Break free from the cycle of guilt and self-sacrifice

Say “no” without guilt and anxiety

Lean on a caring community of others that love being veterinarians

Release unrealistic expectations of yourself

Prioritize your wants, needs, and interests

Rejuvenate from burnout or compassion fatigue

Practice mindfulness

Release yourself from internal and external pressures

Reframe your thoughts and beliefs surrounding work, self-care, and identity

Build a strong sense of self-worth


I’m not a veterinarian. Is this still the right program for me?

Living a Life You Love is designed for women veterinarians only. If you work with animals in another capacity, check out my 1:1 coaching or webinars.

My schedule is already overwhelming. How much time will it take to do this program?

One of the best parts about this program is there are no expectations for how you show up. You already have enough responsibility, this program is based on ease and flexibility. Come to the calls live when you can or just watch the replays. Choose what on-demand training modules appeal to you, or choose none at all. You cannot fail here because there are no expectations for how you show up. My goal? To give you more space to live (and love) your life.

What’s your return/cancellation policy?

If within the first 30 days of the program you’re not loving it, I’ll gladly refund your money.

Is everything virtual?

Yep! This program is 100% virtual to keep it accessible and flexible for busy professionals.

I might not be able to make every call. Are the group coaching calls recorded?

Life’s busy– especially for women who are also veterinarians! All coaching calls are recorded so that you can watch (or rewatch them) whenever it feels best for you.

Do I have to be tech savvy to do this?

Not at all!! Your materials, calendar, and all necessary links will be easy to find in the program portal, and I’m here to help you along the way.

I saw that you offer private coaching too. What’s the difference?

Living a Life You Love is perfect if you crave support that’s complemented with a strong sense of community. It’s easy to feel alone as a practice owner, attending or associate vet and this group is designed for you to feel as though you’ve found your tribe. My private coaching might be for you if you want entirely 1:1 support customized to meet your challenges, needs, and desires.

Ready to live a life you love?