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Rekindle the spark within.

Evidence-based life coaching for veterinarians who dare to dream of a more joyful life.

Caring for animals can feel as demanding as it is fulfilling.

The responsibility to give animals the best care in an increasingly understaffed and overwhelmed field is a burden too heavy to carry. That’s why veterinarians and animal workers are experiencing alarming rates of depression, anxiety, attrition, burnout, and suicide.

Where animal welfare meets real self-care.

You deserve the same kindness that you extend to the animals and people around you. It’s possible to create a life of purpose that doesn’t leave you empty.

group coaching

Living a Life You Love

This 6-month group coaching program is designed for women veterinarians who want to rewrite their narrative on responsibility, self-love, and who they are beyond animal care. With an empathetic community by your side, you’ll learn cognitive techniques to face the challenges unique to your role, relieve compassion fatigue, and find your joy.

“As new challenges arise, the tools I learned from you are there and ready for me. I have a new lens to live my life through and I feel so very blessed.”

— emily, dvm

"I’ve never been a group person... this is brand new territory, and my life has been enriched by having these women enter it."

— Living A Life You Love group member, Jenn, DVM

“Thank you for understanding the veterinary profession from the inside and outside.”

— erin, dvm

"Being part of a group of women veterinarians is such a freeing experience because we all just get it, we’ve all had similar experiences that we can relate to, and we all want to see each other shine."

— Living A Life You Love group member, Amanda, DVM

"The support, compassion and camaraderie of this group of badass women veterinarians is indescribable and palpable. There is understanding in both shared and similar experiences and support for whatever you are going through."

— Living A Life You Love group member, Seely, DVM

“Your coaching is so practical, wise and unflinching with accountability and it was exactly what I needed!”

— emily, dvm

1:1 Coaching

Rediscover what makes you you.

There’s more to life than meeting the needs of everyone else. As you work with me 1:1, I’ll teach you tools to manage your mind, prioritize self-care, shed guilt and become your own BFF. By exploring every aspect of who you are, you’ll learn how to show up with confidence in and out of work.

Hi! I’m Julie.

I’m a Compassion Fatigue Specialist and Certified Life Coach with over 25 years of experience in veterinary medicine. I know firsthand the joy and heaviness that’s unique to this industry, and the impact that compassion fatigue, burnout, and moral stress have on mental health. I equip veterinarians, animal welfare workers, lab animal professionals and other animal workers with cognitive tools to feel better, create healthy boundaries, stop the cycle of guilt and burnout, and reclaim their lives.

Virtual and On-site Training

Create a happy and healthy team.

For animal care organizations struggling with issues like employee burnout, compassion fatigue, and chronic stress, there is a path forward. Whether you’re a veterinary practice, research and biotech organization or animal welfare group, I offer custom webinars and training programs that equip your team with tools to thrive.

listen to the podcast

Rekindling with Julie Squires

THE podcast for veterinarians, veterinary professionals, animal welfare workers and all animal advocates who want to make a difference and improve animals’ lives without burning themselves out. I’ll teach you how to rekindle your joy and love your life.

Episode 240
Good Enough
Episode 240

Good Enough

In a culture that for women glorifies perfection, it can feel unnerving to consider that our actions or ourselves could be "good enough". For most women (and some men) that is an impossible concept to make peace with as they constantly beat themselves up to do better and better.
Episode 238
Emotional vs. Mental Health
Episode 238

Emotional vs. Mental Health

We often use the terms emotional and mental health interchangeably but they are actually different. They can influence and impact each other but understanding the difference can allow you to seek the appropriate type of support and resources based on your specific needs.
Episode 237
Why You Need A "Moai"
Episode 237

Why You Need A "Moai"

I'm an introvert. I love being by myself but too much of anything isn't good, including alone time. We need community. We need each other. We need to feel safe with others that we feel connected to and a part of.

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